Robin Taylor


Robin was spurred into action when he recognised two things: tenants struggle to access great connectivity, while landlords wrestle to provide 21st century comms. To solve that circular problem he founded Zetta Connect in 2017.

Armed with an extraordinary understanding of technology and a wealth of commercial property experience, Robin is a natural leader, quick to inspire his team to solve any comms challenge.

Robin lives in London with his wife, two children and their fine hound, Relish. When he isn’t site hopping, he’ll be found galloping in the countryside with his daughter or tinkering in the kitchen.

Robin Taylor

Eric Yeo

Finance Director

After graduating from the University of Singapore Eric joined the armed forces and became a Commission Officer in the Singapore Armour Brigade.

As a Chartered Management Accountant he has worked in a variety of industries in the UK and draws on his army discipline to deliver fast, efficient and straightforward responses to any challenge. He joined Zetta Connect in 2019.

In his spare time Eric maintains military fitness with weekly badminton and tennis matches all year round.

Eric Yeo

Emma Pickford

Commercial Director

Emma started her career in finance. However, she quickly realised that she was too chatty for the finance office and moved into client and contract management.

Having spent 22 years working in outsource organisations managing large, complex IT contracts Emma finally moved to Zetta Connect to work with the team on the commercial side of the business.

Like us, Emma passionately believes in putting customer needs first, to deliver an exceptional product on time – and on budget.

Emma Pickford

Paola Scalisi

Executive Assistant to Founder

Paola brings over five years’ experience working as an Executive Assistant for SMEs. She enjoys the challenges of working in a high-pressure business and is committed to help build a strong team culture by learning new skills.

To that end she is currently studying for an HR CIPD Associate Diploma to help us roll out HR initiatives to keep our people engaged and create a truly collaborative culture.

When not working, Paola can often be found visiting local markets, enjoying long walks, and spending time with her friends.

Paola Scalisi

Hugo Corrie

Client & Business Development

Hugo joined us as Operations Manager in 2019 ensuring all projects run smoothly, to schedule and to our high standards. As a qualified fibre engineer he has successfully led many projects.

Since then he has become our Client and Business Development Manager providing advice and insight to the intricacies of your comm’s needs, with the know-how to back it up.

In his spare time Hugo is keen on Scottish reeling. He also enjoys a good game of croquet and rugby. When he is not on his feet you can often find him with a drink in his hand.

Hugo Corrie

Miles Pelling

Technical Project Manager

Miles joined Zetta in May 2021 in order to move into the project management space after getting fed up stuck behind a desk all day. Utilising strong technical skills and problem solving skills, he enjoys going out to site, meeting stakeholders, resolving issues and getting the job done!

Outside of work, Miles is a commited West Ham fan that enjoys spending time with friends strumming it out on the guitar.

Miles Pelling

David Large

Programme Director

David started in telecoms at a traditional ISP, dealing with residential and large business customers. Over the years he developed an ambition to work on larger, more complex projects. Moving to Zetta Connect has allowed him to do just that.

Today he manages the delivery side of the business, ensuring that projects are presented on time and efficiently. Good communication lies at the heart of his approach, together with a commitment to keep both internal and external parties happy at all times.

Outside of the office David is a lifelong Gooner and once took part in an unsuccessful charity boxing match, about which he remains tight lipped!

David Large

Met Daci

Software Engineer

Met completed his Electronic Engineering Bachelors in 2016 and Masters Degree in Information Technology in 2017 from the Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania.

He has some great experience in the networking field and he is currently going through the CCNP certification.

When Met isn’t connecting business spaces, he’ll be moving pawns on a chess board or outdoors cycling and playing football.

Muhamet Daci

Hugh Taylor

Software Developer

Hugh Joined Zetta after completing a PhD at the University of Oxford.

He has more than ten year’s experience in managing Linux-based systems and has recently branched out into developing web applications.

When he isn’t at his desk Hugh enjoys riding and tinkering with his ever-growing collection of bicycles and motorcycles.

Hugh Taylor

Andrea Thorne

Marketing Director

Andrea has been in marketing and branding for the last 20 years managing and leading the repositioning and global expansion for various companies, spanning Saas, Automotive, Tech and luxury.

Having grown up in South Africa and spent time travelling Europe, Andrea relocated to London 12 years ago. Today she has settled in Richmond with her two children and miniature dachshund, Basil.

When not navigating the business world you’ll find her trawling the pages of Net-a-Porter and recalling the days of disposable income BC (before children) over a large glass of wine.

Andrea Thorne

Sofia Edrihen

Project Manager

Sofia graduated in 2020 with a degree in International Business. She then started her work life at the Housing and Service Delivery department at Ealing Council.

As time passed Sofia quickly realised that she had a particular affinity for the telecomms and commercial real estate industries. At Zetta Connect she has found the perfect home to combine her two main interests.

In her off-duty moments you can often find Sofia exercising in the park or visiting the latest art exhibition.

Sofia Edrihen