Bespoke solutions in a boutique setting

The challenge

Great Portland Estates approached us to solve the connectivity issues faced by its property, Woolyard, a collection of boutique, high-spec suites across three buildings.

As a warehouse development, the usual modern telecoms provisions were extremely limited, or entirely missing, in the building prior to refurbishment.

This severely limited the ability to access the fibre internet services demanded by tenants in today’s business world.

The solution

We designed, deployed and managed landlord fibre connectivity infrastructure across all three buildings to form a centralised comms provisioning location and a converged landlord network.

From this location, fibre backbones were installed throughout each of the buildings, using external estate duct routes.

Fibre backbone enabled tenants to access ultrahigh bandwidth services with very low lead-time, something not found in many boutique redevelopments. Great Portland Estates were also able to offer extensive landlord provisioned high-spec connectivity, as well as smart building features such as contactless access and environmental control.