Network design & consultancy

Zetta is a complete communications company. Our experienced and qualified consultants provide guidance, advice and design for any project. We specialise in providing seamless, invisible, and effective networks.

Our areas of expertise range from basic infrastructure design, through to external civil work design and management.

Site surveys & connectivity reports

All buildings are unique. That’s why our site surveys are designed to identify your particular needs before we produce a consultancy report.

Our step-by-step guides then showcase your building’s capabilities and help tenants get connected.

200+ connectivity reports & recommendations produced

Bespoke advice & solutions

We acknowledge that no one building is the same, so we provide a bespoke approach to create a unique solution that works just for you. That’s why all our advice and recommendations are specific to you and your buildings.

Experience of assets from


Wayleave guidance

We have vast experience of working with the complex and time-consuming business of wayleaves. Rest assured that we use all of our knowledge and experience to relieve you of the stress associated with them.

WiredScore consulting

WiredScore is an independent body that awards Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum accreditation depending on the level of connectivity your building offers. Platinum status puts your building at the top of connected commercial spaces around the world.

WiredScore accreditation assures your tenants of:

  • The quantity and quality of internet service
    providers present
  • The resiliency and security of the telecomms
  • Additional capacity to readily support new services
  • Access to Wi-Fi connectivity within shared spaces

Zetta has helped many clients gain accreditation. As technical consultants we can design and manage installation and provide the technical proof required to gain accreditation.

We also can advise you on the right wayleaves to futureproof buildings, and expedite the process by liaising with both landlord and carrier solicitors.