About us

Zetta Connect is a fully independent telecoms consultancy. Our goal is to affordably satisfy the technological needs of landlords to dramatically increase the marketability of properties by delivering the telecoms infrastructure that tenants demand.

Founded in 2017, we provide a range of services from technical and advisory consultancy through to delivering and project managing physical infrastructure solutions.

We pride ourselves on cutting through the complex terminology and lengthy procedures associated with the telecoms industry. This enables us to provide the clear-cut advice and design know-how that precisely suits your unique requirements. Our dependable way of working and straightforward attitude has led to many years of repeat business with both direct clients and our partners.

Our aim is to simplify the process of getting you connected by providing efficient, future-proof and cost-effective solutions that add tangible value to your assets.


Sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do. Our approach is to provide future-proof, reusable solutions that do not become redundant upon occupancy changes.

Our approach

  • Maximise infrastructure longevity, multi-faceted
    use and material efficiency

  • Specify and procure blown fibre tubing and fibre bundles from suppliers who meet our sustainability requirements

  • Monitor material allocation for contractors to minimise waste

  • Encouraging clients to adopt VoIP instead of

  • PSTN to reduce cabling

How we do it

Installing a fibre backbone throughout an asset is a great example of our sustainable approach. This drastically reduces the cabling required for occupiers to receive their preferred services. It also offers excess capacity and reusability, as the design life of the fibre-tubing infrastructure is far greater than dedicated cabling.

Our services are built around the vision of long term, reusable infrastructure. However, the materials used in fibre optic cabling and blown fibre tubing (BFT) are difficult or impossible to recycle. That’s why we use suppliers who are committed to carbon-emission reduction targets, and hold relevant certifications. We also source materials that meet our sustainability criteria and constantly analyse how to reduce material wastage.